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 My neck, midback and lower back were all giving me trouble.  I had difficulty turning my neck from side to side.  I could only sleep for 4-6 hours before the pain woke me up.  I would have to get up at 3 or 4 AM and lie on the floor in order to get some sleep.  After receiving chiropractic care, using an orthopedic pillow and getting Footlever orthotics in my shoes from Dr. Vogt I feel like I did 20 years ago.  I can comfortably sleep 7-10 hours now.  Thank you Dr. Vogt!

                                                                                                                                    LC  Potosi, WI


  I hurt my back in July playing golf.  I let it go until I couldn't stand it anymore.  Then I called Vogt Family Chiropractic.  Dr. Vogt took some x-rays and gave me some treatments and now I am pain free.  I still go to Dr. Vogt every month for a tune up and feel great!

                                                                                                                             RS  Hazel Green, WI


Before coming to Vogt Family Chiropractic I was having a lot of back and neck pain.  Thanks to the wonderful care and concern I've received from Dr. Vogt, I have much more mobility in my neck and a lot less pain.  I can finally get a good nights sleep and do my job so much better.  I will definitely continue my care at Vogt Family Chiropractic so I can lead a healthier life.  Thank you Dr. Vogt!

                                                                                                                                JH  Kieler, WI


About 4 months ago I started to get extrememly horrible head and neck aches.  I went to a massage therapist but the pain only went away for a week or so.  I started to see Dr. Vogt and we took x-rays so we could find out exactly what the problem was.  The x-rays were very helpful in showing me where the problem actually was.  Dr. Vogt put together a care plan and explained to me what it was going to take to help the problem.  Since I started care with Dr. Vogt, my headaches have decreased tremendously.  I only have a headache if I have a long day of lifting and bending at work.  Dr. Vogt also advised me to cut pop out of my diet and increase my water intake.  I feel the best I have in a very long time.  Even though I still have a bad day once in awhile, my good days out weigh my bad days.  The improvement I've noticed is wonderful.

                                                                                                                                 HS  Dickeyville, WI

We are two young girls ages 2 and seven months and have been going to see Dr. Vogt since we were three days old.  Our parents take us to see Dr. Vogt for check ups and adjustments whenever we go through growth spurts or milestones such as when we started holding our heads up, rolling over, sitting up, crawling and walking. We are happy little girls who rarely get sick, have never had ear infections and have gone through many milestones and growth spurts without difficulty thanks to the care of Dr. Vogt.  He is always gentle and takes his time with us, and when we are done we always get a sticker and a chance to play with the toys or color a picture in his waiting area. We are able to play during the day and sleep well at night and are free from worry about illness because we know that Mommy and Daddy will take us to see Dr. Vogt and he will help us to heal faster.

                                                                                                               EW and AW  Cuba City, WI



Since I started my care with Dr Vogt I can enjoy my hobbies such as horseback riding and 4-wheeling without aches and pain.  I have experienced less headaches and back pain with the care I have received at Vogt Family Chiropractic.

                                                                                                                                BK  Lancaster, WI


Like most toddlers, Ava is very active since she is started to walk and has suffered many falls.  As her parents, Jeff and I see the importance and value of Dr. Vogt's care to ensure that she is in the best health possible.  Maintaining proper alignment of her spine is crucial because she is growing so fast.  Dr. Vogt does an excellent job working with children.  As a result of Ava recieving care since she was an infant, she has learned that a vist to Vogt Family Chiropractic will help to boost her immune system to help her fight off many of the common ailments that children are susceptible to.  It is important for us to allow Ava to express herself and maintain her extremely high energy level as she continues to grow.  We feel that Dr. Vogt's care helps us to meet that goal as parents.  Thanks Dr. Vogt!

                                                                                                                 JK and KK  Hazel Green, WI

I was taking an online course and was spending a lot of time in sitting at my computer not aware that I was using bad posture.  One evening I turned quickly and stood up twisting my back causing me to have severe pain to the point that I was unable to walk without help.  I was able to get in to see Dr. Vogt within one hour of my injury, where I was treated with chiropractic adjustments of my spine, given stretching exercises, home icing instructions and guidance.  I saw him twice a day for several days and was back on my feet into my regular daily routines in about 4 days.  I am aware of my posture while at my computer as well as in all daily activities and go in to see Dr. Vogt regularly for maintenance visits and have not had trouble since then.  I am able to work, take care of my home, and my children thanks to the special care he has given me.

                                                                                KW  Cuba City, WI

Before coming to see Dr. Vogt I was having very sharp pain in the arches of my feet.  The pain was so intense that I thought I had actually broken my foot!  Since coming to see Dr. Vogt I am no longer feeling pain in my feet.  Dr. Vogt suggested that I get a pair of custom made Footlevelers orthotics to better support the arches of my feet.  Shortly after getting adjustments to my neck, back and feet and wearing the custom orthotics in my shoes, my pain stopped completely.  Dr. Vogt's care helped me to get back to enjoying life on my feet again.

                                                                                                                                 JQR  Cuba City, WI






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